Marlin Woods announces candidacy for mayor of Pittsburgh – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

April 7, 2022by Marlin Woods

Merlin Woods has a great interest in credibility. He has a great deal of interest in exactly who he is. He is a writer, a motivational speaker, and enthusiastic about serving others. It was just a coincidence that the people he served, the people he had helped with his words and actions over the years, asked him to serve the entire city of Pittsburgh as mayor.

“In the end, I had no choice. When I realized I had no choice, that responsibility is now your belief,” Woods said.

A resident of East Liberty, married to four children, officially announced his candidacy for Mayor Pittsburgh in front of friends, family and supporters at the Highland Park Reservoir on June 10. The man closed the Democratic nomination.

The general election is November. It’s unclear if retired Pittsburgh police officer Tony Moreno, a registered Democrat, will run for the November elections with a Republican ticket. Another African-American man, Will Parker, announced in early spring that he would run independently in the general election.

Merlin Wood, On the right, with his wife Jessica Brooks Woods, on June 10th, she announced her candidacy for Mayor Pittsburgh at the Highland Park Reservoir. (Photo courtesy of Rob Taylor Jr.)

Woods, 48, wearing a dapper as usual, said he’s been preparing for the day since 2017. This is not a recent political activity, social unrest, or decision made by COVID-19. When I was caring about my business and enjoying what I was doing, the community came to me and said, “I need to take this seriously.” And I did. Various people throughout the region said, “It’s up to you.” “

Woods continued. “So I had to pray really hard, cry really hard, and talk really loudly with my wife … until 2017 with tears in this responsibility and say yes. “

In April, Woods was honored with the 2021 class New Pittsburgh Courier “Man of Excellence”. He is an innovation, product and service of health and welfare benefits. His background also states that he has 20 years of sales leadership experience teaching sales professionals across the country techniques to speak in public.

Merlin Wood, Left, run as a nonpartisan Mayor of Pittsburgh in the November general election. Marlin Woods’ wife, Jessica Brooks Woods, is also depicted. (Photo by courier photographer Rob Taylor Jr.)

“There is something that only a spouse can see. I have been delighted to be his wife for 10 years,” Jessica Brooks Woods said in an outdoor announcement on June 10. “This is a man praying for the kids every day. He wakes up at 5:30 in the morning and before everyone wakes up … he prays over me. He kisses the kids every night. Do … he’s a drop-off and a pick-up from school. He’s an active dad. Without his support, I wouldn’t be where I am in my career today. did.”

Brooks Woods called Merlin Woods a “servant leader” and she said she would fight for the people of Pittsburgh.

“This is the one who has hope, believes, and knows that he is the right person for the city,” she said.

Woods told Courier that he was not running a campaign “against Ed Gainey.” Rather, he is running “for the people” in Pittsburgh. Woods believes it’s not up to him to teach people how to live their lives. It’s best to prosper “for future generations” by letting people know what they want and need and “creating customizable solutions for every home.”

“What are your aspirations? What your progress looks like, so we can start building a springboard,” Woods told the crowd. “This is how we rise. This is how we evolve. One at a time.”

Merlin wood Greetings to supporters at the campaign announcement event held at Highland Park Reservoir on June 10th.

Woods said he wanted to grow small businesses in Pittsburgh. Many African Americans in Pittsburgh are small business owners. Some were in the crowd. “Small businesses are the structure of the region, without which Pittsburgh wouldn’t be there,” Woods said.

Woods also said that the mayor’s office’s main responsibility is to create a community where an ecosystem of solutions can occur. It is done by gathering members of the community and discussing what people really want. But the community first needs to trust the city leaders to feel as if Pittsburgh can truly express their true feelings about how to become a city for everyone.

ARTESHA FISHER, To the left of Penn Hills supports Merlin Woods as the next mayor of Pittsburgh. “His leadership skills are perfect,” she said of Woods.

“Leadership is a great opportunity in the region,” Woods said. “It’s a great opportunity for the government. It’s a great opportunity in the community. To have a community, you need effective leadership. Leadership is not a picture of someone who has been awarded the sword of authority. Leadership is It’s literally a responsibility to serve, and service simply means raising the quality standards of someone else. “

Woods said he was ready to serve the people of Pittsburgh. “I am humbly grateful and grateful here in front of my friends, family, team members, supporters and strangers … Thank God for being ready.”

Marlin Woods announces candidacy for mayor of Pittsburgh Source link Marlin Woods announces candidacy for mayor of Pittsburgh.

Marlin Woods

Marlin Woods, a Pittsburgh native, is Executive Chairman of BenefitsPLUS. He is an authentic leader, mentor, influencer, and servant. His contributions to society are as an entrepreneur and civic leader, as well as an established author and renowned public speaker. Marlin has received a variety of awards that speak to his dedication, leadership, and ability to inspire the community.

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