Empower Me Summit

Marlin Woods founded the Empower Me Summit in 2017 to accommodate the requests he was receiving for mentorship.

The Empower Me Summit provides African Americans with a platform to collaborate across the United States with education and inspiration as its method and unity of a people driving a trajectory shift.

The Vision of the Empower Me Summit

This annual gathering of African Americans in the Pittsburgh region is a place where divided silos can collaborate, educate, and inspire an expansion of community support.

While the Empower Me Summit originally began as a seminar for mentorship, it has evolved into the critical bridge for black empowerment in Western Pennsylvania. With this platform, the community's respected contributors are provided to a group of engaged listeners to promote personal development and unity and where an investment of mentorship has a lasting legacy effect on the community.


The Summit provides a platform for divided silos to collaborate.


The Summit also serves to inspire change and unity to encourage a trajectory shift in the community.


The community’s respected contributors promote personal development and an investment in mentorship with a group of engaged listeners.

Why You Should Attend the Summit

The Empower Me Summit is a place for those sensing a burden they cannot ignore due to the dysfunction and improper solution of approach by a system. At the Empower Me Summit, you can join a community of insightful people who are thriving in influence and quality and living by the words, “Empowering you to Empower Me.”


Empowering You to
Empower Me

Capitalize on low hanging fruit to identify a ballpark value added activity to beta test.

Gather with the communities most respected contributors where you can work on your personal development and take part in the investment of mentoring the future’s leaders.

The Empower Me Summit is a powerful platform where African Americans can collaborate, inspire, mentor, and educate to unify for the expansion of community support in Western Pennsylvania.

The Empower Me Summit plays a critical role in empowering African American communities to lead change and drive a trajectory shift.  This is done through the promotion of personal development and unity by respected community members. The investment the Summit makes mentorship provides a lasting legacy and impact on the community by preparing the youth and developing leaders.

At the Empower Me Summit, you can take part in the conversations that help to inspire, educate, and encourage collaboration across divided silos. You will meet leaders and community members who will help you become empowered to drive your success further through their passion and innovative thinking.

This Summit serves to not only bring together the community but to equip you with the tools you need to participate in and start a complex and empowering conversation on impactful and difficult subjects surrounding the community.

Learn how to develop your leadership skills, become educated on various topics presented by keynote speakers, and contribute to the legacy of mentorship by becoming a mentor or a mentee.

Become part of a community of people who are influential, impactful, and serve as the movers and shakers of the world. This community of black empowerment serves to bring together the greatest minds in the community who want to pass on their knowledge and experience to inspire mentorship and change within their community.

Empower yourself to become the leader you’ve always wanted to be with the many educational, inspirational, mentorship, and networking opportunities provided by the Empower Me Summit.


Hear from
Summit Attendees

Marlin has helped many people find their authentic message and become better communicators in their professional and personal lives through his own extensive experience.

I have had the pleasure of serving as Moderator and panelist at Marlin Wood’s Summit. Not only are these events inspiring but they provide clear and practical advice on how to succeed and soar higher than you ever imagined.

Robert J Powell

I have had the opportunity to participate as a speaker/facilitator, as well as an attendee at the Empower Me Summit. This event draws professional people from all age groups and industries and the attendees are excited to be in a room full of like-minded individuals so being a speaker, under those circumstances, is a treat because you know that your audience is engaged and eager to hear what you have to say. I highly recommend this event to anyone who can make it, the cost of entry is minimal and the take-aways are abundant.

Nicole Manns

The Empower ME Summit afforded me the opportunity to be in the room with like minded individuals who goal is to elevate professionally to help transform our communities. My participation helped energize me to elevate my brand.

Vernard Alexander
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