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From humble beginnings growing up on the east side of Pittsburgh to a self-made leader, mentor, best-selling author, and business owner, Marlin Woods continues to his story honoring the power of internal will, leading himself through great challenges to a clearer understanding of who he is.

Discovering Your Self Through Public Speaking

Marlin, Founder and CEO of BenefitsPLUS Consulting, continues to set high standards of excellence in leadership, mentorship, public speaking, community service, and vendor management consulting. With almost 30 years of sales leadership experience and extensive experience as a national public speaker on sales behavior and inspirational messaging, Marlin shares strategies that continue to bring him success in both his professional and personal life.

Learn from Marlin’s Journey of Service and Understanding

As an inspiration speaker, Marlin’s power of internal will, service to his community, and his journey to understanding who he is, will motivate and inspire any audience. As the Founder of the Empower Me Summit, a speaker series and seminar that provides exposure to African American across the U.S. to increase opportunities in entrepreneurship and leadership, Marlin works with members of the community to reset the trajectory of African American Achievement in Pittsburgh.

Marlin’s Public Speaking Journey

Public Speaker

Marlin’s national public speaking opportunities began in 2014. Marlin has spoken at a variety of industry conferences throughout the United States in cities including Orlando, Florida; Boca Raton, Florida; Las Vegas, Nevada; Atlantic City, New Jersey; Newark New Jersey; Pittsburgh, PA; Harrisburg, PA; New York, New York; New Orleans, Louisiana; Dallas, Texas; and Saint Louis, Missouri.

Spoken in more than 20 industry conferences.
Spoken to audiences of more than 1,400 at a time.
Speaker for conference across 15+ cities in the U.S.
Public speaker for over 25+ years.
Whether you need an emcee for your next event, have a project you want to work with Marlin on, or want to feature him on your podcast episode, Marlin is a man of many talents who is ready to partner with you on your next endeavor.
Learn how to become a more public speaker with Marlin.
Partner with Marlin for your next event, organizational training, and more!
Attend the Empower Me Summit to collaborate with others in the community.
Become a more dynamic leader and speaker by working Marlin.
In addition to being a public speaking expert, Marlin is also an experienced business coach and mentor who has the skills to help you drive for success.
Confident Public Speaking

Train with
the Best

Marlin’s mentorship training will help you uncover who you are as a person, telling the burden of your heart, which in turn will tell your authentic message. This will help you organically create your platform by tapping into your burden.

Years of public speaking experience


Cities where he has provided his public speaking services.


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From Your Problem
to Real Solutions

Through his weekly training sessions, Marlin will work with you to help you become an effective, believable communicator while teaching you how to foster healthy relationships that will lead to your greater expansion.

STEP 1Find Your Voice

By drilling down into your burden and who you are, you can find a more confident voice.

STEP 2Develop Your Authentic Message

Learn more about your burden, the importance of relationships, and more to develop your unique message.

STEP 3Build Your Organic Platform

With your authentic message, you can create your strong organic platform for speaking.

STEP 4Become More Confident

Become a more confident communicator in your personal and professional life.

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