Empower Me Summit to be Held for Community Collaboration Toward Black Advancement in Western Pennsylvania

On November 26th, 2019, African Americans in the Pittsburgh Region will gather to share a platform for divided silos where they will collaborate, educate, and inspire an expansion of community support and success beyond the barriers of division at the Empower Me Summit.

The Empower Me Summit, originally known as the Empower Me Motivational Mentorship Seminar, is a critical bridge for black empowerment in Western Pennsylvania where the community’s respected public contributors can collaborate with engaged listeners to promote personal development and unity through mentorship. The Summit was founded by Marlin Woods due to a growing interest in mentorship in the community. Woods now holds the Summit annually on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving.

To help in their mission to reset the trajectory of black achievement in Western Pennsylvania, the Empower Me Summit is inviting you to join many of Pittsburgh’s leading public contributors and business owners in an evening of collaboration, education, and inspiration to help promote personal development and cohesiveness in the black community.

Marlin Woods

Marlin Woods, Independent Candidate for the Mayor of Pittsburgh is a Pittsburgh native, raised in Pittsburgh’s East End. Marlin attended several Pittsburgh Public Schools growing up in East Liberty, Garfield, Highland Park, Shadyside, Oakland, and Squirrel Hill, which provided Marlin a sense of diversity and inclusiveness that would carry him to the positions of great influence he wields today. A family man, Marlin’s most treasured and fulfilling achievement, that he adores his wife, Jessica. They have four beautiful children.

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