“Restoring the Decision-Making Back to the Resident”

Marlin Woods
for Mayor

“The residents and small business owners are the essential parts of what makes Pittsburgh an effective City. Marlin’s campaign will focus on providing customized solutions for issues that directly affect our residents. We have identified 5 core priority areas based on our discussions with residents, and we will continue to listen as this will only be right when your voice is heard.”
The Business of Covid-19 Recovery
The Business of Covid-19 Recovery: which requires a comprehensive execution plan with a sense of urgency and intention.

This plan touches economic restoration, psychological safety, responsible management of COVID- 19 relief funds, prioritizing the full recovery of marginalized communities and families suffering from food insecurity, housing instability, job loss, and creating a framework for next generation private-public partnerships.
The Return of Small Business and Emerging Sectors
The Return of Small Business and Emerging Sectors: small business is under attack, without small business we have no Pittsburgh.

We want to broaden partnerships with community banks, community development, and financial institutions to make businesses aware of what federal programs have to offer, such as the Small Business Association. We want to design pandemic relief programs focused on businesses that are most in need. We want to build outreach to smaller businesses, newer businesses and minority businesses and disenfranchised communities. We will encourage business creation. With labor as an issue, we will require innovation, collaboration and a culture of equity as an administration.
360 Degree Police-Community Reform
A comprehensive framework that consists of education, training & development, and accountability for both law enforcement and community.

This issue has many layers and is beyond defunding the police, it addresses appropriate allocation of resources across the board. This includes funds, cultural competency development- which is more than a once-a-year training, instead we’re suggesting a cultural overhaul. Relating to implementing authentic community ambassadors responsible to build police relations with the black community and creating best fit solutions, increasing police presence in areas that feel under-policed, and it includes applying resources for police and public service in surviving the drug use crisis we have in our communities, Mental Health is integral in this administration’s police reform strategy. The community will be able to give consistent feedback as Transparency, Engagement, Accountability, Measurement and (T.E.A.M) are the tenets of this issue.

High Performance Health Agenda
High Performance Health Agenda: Ensuring the well-being of each resident through Health and Healthcare Equity, Transparency, Measurement, and Accountability.

We will tackle the disparities highlighted in the Pittsburgh Gender Equity Report which is inclusive of Maternal Health & Infant Health, Mental Health, Cancer, and Cardiovascular Outcomes. We will center social determinants of health as a central focal point as there have non-traditional factors such as transportation, food desserts, employment and mobility, housing and disconnected community services that prohibit the health and well-being of many of our residents. Our agenda will foster optimal relationships with diverse stakeholders to provide access, increase quality, ensure equity and maximize total health.
Affordable Housing and The Pathways to Home Ownership
Affordable Housing and The Pathways to Home Ownership: Is a multi-stakeholder platform to drive and increase access to home ownership for generational wealth creation.

Partnerships will be established with community banks, developers, private sector businesses, and our philanthropic resources. It will no longer be acceptable to be in our region and in our neighborhoods and not be a community partner.

Will deal with supporting families desiring home ownership as a generational wealth builder, and we do that through partnerships. This policy prevents the perpetuation of oppressive practices and culture that limits the progression of growth and economic advancement.

Why Marlin for

As mayor, Marlin will work to embrace each person, each household, each family, and help them define what quality of progress means for them.

Campaign for the
People of Pittsburgh

The people of Pittsburgh are what make Pittsburgh the thriving and unique place we see today. Marlin’s focus on the individual is rooted his belief that the definition of progress is unique to each person.
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