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Amusement Parks, Restaurants Facing Difficult Reopening, Patrons Have Mixed Reactions To Being Comfortable.

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Kennywood Park is set to open to the general public for the first time this season on Monday after having been open to season ticket holders over the weekend.

While hampered by the weather, restaurants in Allegheny County have now reopened and are providing outdoor dining.

Whether it’s at restaurants or amusement parks, the crowds continue to be slow to come back.

While the weather certainly put a damper on its reopening, Kennywood’s season ticket holders did come out, and restaurants with outdoor seating did find those tables being used.

With new Coronavirus case numbers still coming in high, not everyone is rushing to get back out.

I’m not quite comfortable yet. I wish that they can slow down a little and take it easy, one step at a time, instead of the rush,

Said Maria Feirweather of Shadyside.

Marlin Woods of East Liberty spoke with KDKA and said he’s actually very comfortable getting out amongst the people.

To be honest, I think they should wait a little bit to open up, because it’s going to spread. A lot of people are not taking precautions as they should, very careless. I think they should keep it down for now to stop the spreading

Said Bernadette Lovett of Shadyside.

I think we’re taking the right measured approaches and I hope it doesn’t backfire on us. Would you go to a restaurant? If I was sitting outside, I’d be comfortable. I mean I’m sitting outside a Starbucks. If the tables were spaced out appropriately, and you know they were taking the right measures, I’d feel comfortable

Said Kristyn Heiry, of Stanton Heights.

Feeling comfortable is the key. People have to feel comfortable.

While people may feel comfortable going out to a restaurant right now, a big question for many is whether or not their favorite restaurant is still going to be open at this time next year.

Many restaurants took a step forward over the weekend by reopening to outdoor dining with alcohol sales included.

It has been a very tough few months for anyone in the restaurant business.

While Allegheny County loosened the reigns a bit, it’s still a tough battle for restaurants.

From total closures by some, to takeout only, to dine in and dine outside at 50% capacity, to no alcohol sales, to no operations, to now outdoor dining and takeout — restaurant owners have been at wits end and employees are wondering if they’ll have a job the next day.

Pat McDonell, the owner of Atria’s joined KDKA’s John Shumway via Zoom to discuss the current situation the restaurant chain is facing.

Marlin Woods

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