A Message To The People Of Pittsburgh From Marlin Woods

April 5, 2022by Marlin Woods

PITTSBURGH, PA —  “I am so proud of my campaign and the thousands of supporters we have on our team from all  90 neighborhoods in Pittsburgh. In my quest to provide a “choice” for voters in the General  Election for Mayor, we filed well in excess of the required number of petition signatures necessary to appear on the ballot. Although that was the case, regrettably our petitions were challenged by a few Democratic voters on August 9th, 2021. The law requires my campaign to present each person we consider a fixable challenge at a hearing this Monday, August 16th, 2021.  Unfortunately, this requirement is logistically impossible to achieve in such a short period of time. As such, I have no other option than to withdraw from this year’s race. While the challenge results may benefit a few, my candidacy has always been about you, the people of Pittsburgh. 

Although I will not be on the ballot in November, I want you to know this does not affect my passion for the issues that are important to the deserving people of Pittsburgh. I am committed to remaining involved and a leading voice for everyone that shares my vision of revitalizing small business and emerging sectors, COVID-19 recovery, high-performance health culture,  safe communities, mental health and trauma support, and the details of clean neighborhoods with quality amenities, access for our children, and innovative pathways to homeownership. 

I can promise you have not heard the last from me. I will continue to advance my positive message and respond to opportunities to provide leadership where and when appropriate in the next four years. Stay tuned; we’re just getting started. Working together, our best days lie ahead.”

Marlin Woods

Marlin Woods, a Pittsburgh native, is Executive Chairman of BenefitsPLUS. He is an authentic leader, mentor, influencer, and servant. His contributions to society are as an entrepreneur and civic leader, as well as an established author and renowned public speaker. Marlin has received a variety of awards that speak to his dedication, leadership, and ability to inspire the community.

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