Marlin Woods officially announces candidacy for Pittsburgh Mayor

Pittsburgh has a new candidate for Mayor.

During Rick Dayton’s show on NewsRadio KDKA, Marlin Woods officially announced that he’s running for Mayor of the City of Pittsburgh.

I am making my official and public announcement for my independent candidacy for the mayor’s race for the City of Pittsburgh.

Announced Woods.

He explained that he’s running because leadership is the resounding opportunity in this region. Leadership is executed by raising the standard of quality for each individual.

We call that service. And so service is the platform for each individual by which I am running.

I am running because I deem it as my responsibility, Rick. I am running because members of the community reached out to me – of various types – diversity of residence, diversity of key stakeholders, a diversity of business owners – and all independently of each other.

Woods told Dayton that he’s been planning his run since 2017.

This has been in the plan, in the works and being prepared since 2017. So, this isn’t in response to any recent political activity. This isn’t in response to any other modern dynamics that we’re seeing today. This is as a result of me answering the call and the charge of a mandate on my life.

The 48-year-old from East Liberty saw both sides of the proverbial railroad tracks of socio-economic experience.

Which he says gives him a balanced outlook in my development, able to communicate effectively with people from various backgrounds and cultures.

According to his website.

Marlin Woods

Marlin Woods, Independent Candidate for the Mayor of Pittsburgh is a Pittsburgh native, raised in Pittsburgh’s East End. Marlin attended several Pittsburgh Public Schools growing up in East Liberty, Garfield, Highland Park, Shadyside, Oakland, and Squirrel Hill, which provided Marlin a sense of diversity and inclusiveness that would carry him to the positions of great influence he wields today. A family man, Marlin’s most treasured and fulfilling achievement, that he adores his wife, Jessica. They have four beautiful children.

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